Friday, October 7, 2011

Airplane and BIG, BIG Boat

Waiting to get on the big airplane...I was sooo excited. Even though it was 6a.m.!! I know my Mom wasn't very excited about it being 6am.

Looking out the window one second.....

asleep the next. Mom was happy!!

Getting ready to get on the big, big boat. I was sooo happy Grandma & Grandpa Cookie were coming too!! If only they could've brought my dog, Charlie.

First stop, Costa Maya, Mexico.

We went swimming in a really big pool. Man, it was H.O.T. there!!

So, hot that Mom even got her hair wet!!

The big, big boat in Costa Maya.

After being with my Mom and Dad ALL DAY long I was begging them to go play with kids. On the boat they had a kids that was a blast and a half. One night, they did face painting and I got a snake. My Mom hates snakes and I think its funny when she screams. But, my Mom thinks the snake on my face looks more like poop than a snake. She is SOOOO weird. I mean seriously, doesn't she see the tongue coming out of its mouth!! DUH!!

Roatan Islands, Hondurus. This was our favorite port. It was sooo pretty.

The water was really a bath tub!!

Belize City, Belize.

Mom, Dad and I went to the ruins in Belize. I thought Costa Maya was hot...Belize was SCORCHING hot. Mom says the heat sucks the life outta me. I fell asleep on the car ride to the ruins and on the boat back to the big, big boat. She thought this was funny because I rarely take a nap now even when I really should.

Some kid showed me a baby alligator at the ruins. Mom was scared. She's such a GIRL!!

This is the pool on the boat. LOVED IT!

See, the heat drains me. I don't sleep on my Mom unless I'm sick. I wasn't sick, I was just pooped. And, man is my Mom comfy!!

And, that was our vacation. It was a ton of fun!! I even heard my Mom and Dad talking about a Disney cruise!! Now, THAT would be F.U.N.!!


Julianne said...

So fun! I especially loved the poop on your face :) hahaha!

Jen Kesler said...

What a fun trip! And yes, the poop on the face cracked me up!